Mindfulness London

Benefits of Mindfulness London offer tailored mindfulness sessions for organisations in London, surrounding regions and online.

Our sessions focus on being:
🌱 Educational
🌱Practical and Inclusive

Mental Health

Our sessions focus on wellbeing and draw on expertise in mental health advocacy.

Science of Mindfulness

We shed light on the scientific research that underpins mindfulness-based practices.

Practical Exercises

Participants will leave with not only the theory but practical applications for everyday life.

About Our Founder

John-Paul Kozah

John-Paul has been committed to working with and supporting the most vulnerable members of society throughout his career. Combining experience in the mental health sector and education, his aim has been to raise awareness about the impact of stress, anxiety and depression in modern life and explore the ways that mindfulness can help.

John-Paul is a qualified mental health advocate, trained teacher and has a particular interest in supporting open dialogue about mental health within marginalised groups.

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Mindfulness Works.

Research shows it can drastically transform lives.

Demystifying mindfulness and bridging together the powerful practice in all its forms, drawing on a global heritage, our wider Benefits of Mindfulness project aims to widen accessibility and provide a reliable hub of information. Learn More.

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Talks adapted to organisations of all sizes and types

We cater to a variety of audiences, in the private, public and third sectors, adapting mindfulness sessions to make them relatable and practical.

Topics include: the benefits of mindfulness and its impact on stress, anxiety, mood, relationships, focus, attention, productivity, mental health, wellbeing and much more.

Grounded in Science

Mindfulness practices are supported by evidence-based research and promoted by leading organisations on mental health, such as those below. Many companies choose to include mindfulness as part of their wellbeing programmes.

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Mind Charity, mindfulness London
the British Psychological Society, mindfulness London
American psychological association, mindfulness London
world health organisation, mindfulness london
national alliance on mental illness, mindfulness london

Community Organiser

Thank you for an incredible talk. We received so much good feedback and we found the talk educational and entertaining.”


Feedback from Attendees

Medical Lead

“Our team loved the practical application of mindfulness, and how relatable you made the session. Thank you and would love to have another session.”

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